Join the Orchard Park Republican Committee

Orchard Park GOP Committee Membership

Role of the District Committee Person

  1. Represent the Republican Party on a grassroots level.
  2. Take the Republican Party message directly to the voters.
  3. Convey concerns of citizens in your district to the Party.
  4. Represent the Republican voters in your district at any meeting of the Orchard Park Republican Committee.
  5. Register voters.
  6. Recruit and appoint Republican Election inspectors.
  7. Distribute information about Republican candidates to voters.
  8. Distribute absentee ballot applications.
  9. Get the vote out.
  10. Be organized, knowledgeable, considerate, and responsive at all times.

You are the local face voters will put on the Republican Party.

Would You Like to Become More Involved? You Can …

  1. Visit our committee and see if you would like to be part of it.
  2. Volunteer to work on committee-building and campaign activities.
  3. Offer financial support by attending functions or becoming a Sustaining Member
  4. Work as a paid election inspector at a polling place on Election Day.

If so, please contact us at